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We Put You On The Road To Wealth

I get the question all the time… what’s

It’s simple. is an online publication, giving anyone who wants it, information about investing.

We’re NOT Registered Investment Advisors, Stock Brokers, Money Managers, or Wall Street hacks.

What we are is a collective of smart individuals – some who have spent time on Wall Street – who like to write, talk, research, and study different investment options.

We publish our free newsletter, so the average man can get access to information and news they might not otherwise find.  We look for new and interesting investment opportunities.

It might be real estate one day, and crypto the next.  We’ll look at options, stocks, bonds… if we can invest and make money in it… it’s fair game for us to write about.

Best of all, we shoot straight with you.

If we own a stock, we’ll tell you we own it.  That way you know if our opinions and thoughts are conflicted.

Our business model is simple… we get paid by advertisers.

Yep – those evil advertisers pay our bills.  It’s how we put food on the table and feed our families.  Look, if I had a money tree in my backyard, I wouldn’t need to take money from advertisers.

But I don’t… so I do.

Who are my advertisers?

Great question. Advertisers are other newsletters, magazines, software companies, fintech companies, public companies, reg CF platforms, IR firms… The list goes on and on.

We believe in full disclosure and open communication.

Now, some advice.

Early on in my career (a long time ago), I heard one of the “Old guys” say something to the effect of:

“Nobody cares more for your money than you.”

It’s a great thing to remember when investing your money.  If a deal goes belly-up, you’re not going to move into the CEO’s house and live with him.

Your stock broker doesn’t really care if you have a great retirement or not… 

The guy who manages your mutual funds still gets a pay check – regardless of if you’ve made or lost money in the last year or two.

It’s a harsh reality – but one you need to remember.

Always keep that idea in the back of your mind, and think about it before you make any investment.


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David Wellman

Editor –