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Business strategyMutual and Complimentary Goals

Franchisors provide an incredible service to its franchises on the operation methodologies for the industry.  Profit Street dovetails that guidance with software and services that teach your franchises how to effectively run a business to improve profit margins, increase revenues and raise employee retention. Our goal is to work with Franchisors and its Leadership to interface their services with Profit Street to create a product offering custom designed for its franchisees. Profit Street will deliver an affordable software package geared to grow profits, increase revenue, improve employee retention and enhance overall business efficiencies. The end result will create more “peace of mind” for the owner and make everyone’s life better.

What’s in it for the Franchisor

  • As franchisees become more profitable they will re-invest a portion of that profit into increasing revenues. These actions will result in a direct increase in royalties paid to the Franchisor.
  • The more profitable franchisees become, the easier it will be for Franchisors to sell additional new business outlets.
  • Our processes will reduce call volume, reducing the RD’s time spent with franchisees on basic management issues, freeing up time to focus on more strategic priorities.
  • Improved operations will dramatically increase the number of “Success” stories a Franchisor will be able to share with prospective new franchisees.
  • Increased information available to corporate and staff.


What’s in it for the RD

  • As more franchises achieve business efficiencies by using the Profit Street system, RDs will have more time to focus on franchise critical situations.
  • Automated CPR Alert Code notifications will be directed to RD’s or staff to inform them of potential problems with any franchise within their jurisdiction.
  • They will have the ability to easily view information from any or all of the franchises within their assigned territories.
  • They will have the ability to direct franchises to Profit Street’s in-depth back office to resolve selected issues or for general knowledge.
  • Our program will create more available time for RD’s, because Profit Street can assist franchisees with many of the day-to-day general business functions.