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Struggling to improve your profitability?

Increase your free time?

Develop employee productivity?


Profit Street can help unlock your time and money potential


As a franchisee owner, we understand that improving the profitability of your business is a major priority. But a lack of time, money, financial and management skills may be a roadblock to accomplishing this goal.You are not alone. It is estimated that over 50% of franchise businesses are under performing.We understand there are many factors impacting your ability to increase profits and free up time for you.

  • Increased competition has made it more difficult to achieve acceptable profits.
  • External economic and political factors such as the “ACA” (Affordable Care Act), changes to employee liability insurance and minimum hourly rate increase requirements continue to put pressure on each franchisee’s profit margin.
  • Franchisors provide an incredible service to its franchises on operation methodologies for the industry, but don’t have the time or resources to teach a franchise how to actually run a business.

The current solution has been to pay high priced consultants to individually analyze and create a specific plan for each business or hire expensive financial employees. There is an alternative.

Profit Street provides an affordable option that complements guidance from the franchisor with a cost effective software and services solution. Our system teaches franchises how to effectively operate a business by improving profit margins, increasing revenues and raising employee retention.

We have transformed a proven 25 year effective consulting business, based on a profit enrichment and business process improvement system for the franchise industry and created an affordable, automated, multi-faceted cloud software (SaaS) and service protocol system. Making it easily accessible to franchise owners everywhere.

As a Profit Street software solution system user, you will:

  • Benefit from franchise business knowledge and understanding gained over decades of consulting.
  • Improve profit margins, revenue, cash flow, and employee productivity and retention for an affordable monthly fee.
  • Access a multi-faceted approach that automates the majority of financial and employee metric analysis, as well as appropriate consulting if needed.
  • Receive assistance with electronically setting your KPI and benchmarks on both financial and operational metrics and then receive daily, weekly, monthly and annual information that will enable you to make better decisions to operate you businesses.
  • Have access to a complete personnel enhancement module to improve productivity and efficiencies at all levels of the organization including; the owner, manager and employees.

Franchisors are very excited and supportive regarding this solution because it complements their services and will make their franchises more successful.