What We Offer


Profit-First Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Business thinking can sometimes be backwards. Conventional wisdom has always used the formula Income-Expenses=Profit. However, forward thinking business professionals understand that profits are not residual. The new paradigm formula is: Income-Profit=Expenses. If you don’t plan for the right amount of profit, then you’ll become part of the 88% of businesses that are underperforming. A large percentage of those by over 50%. Profit Street provides and easy to use report to better manage this process.

Cash-Flow Forecasting

Utilizing a series of progressive algorithms, Profit Street brings cash flow forecasting to a new level of design. The model drills down to a unique set of metrics, developed by Profit Street, which enables forecasting to achieve incredible accuracy and be available by the day, week, month, quarter and yearly and is interactive with the business owner input metrics.

Payroll Analysis and Productivity Measurement

Profit Street goes far beyond typical analytics in addressing employee productivity. By utilizing these specific employee metrics, users are able to identify actions for improvement for each employee. These advanced metrics are also very valuable to management in the Profit Street planning modules.

Advanced Industry and Business Metric Analysis

Just as financial analysis is important so too are the daily industry and business metrics. While often available from the franchisor, it often takes multiple reports and considerable time to get the information you need to make informed decisions. Profit Street is not only analysis-centric, but also offers a solution-centric system.  Profit Street goes beyond data and traditional business intelligence to provide prescriptive analytics—not just determining what’s wrong, but also provides real solutions to real problems.

C.P.R. Alert Code Monitoring

Profit Street provide you with hundreds of informational segments for decision making. It also offers CPR (Cause, Projection, and Recommendation) Alert Codes. Anytime any pre-selected metric falls below a client-defined threshold, the client will immediately be notified of this situation, along with what caused the issue, projections if this is not dealt with and recommendations on how to rectify the problem.

Employee Development

Potential, a well-known business think-tank has noted that companies using personal development have improved profit margins up to 47% and reduced staff turnover by 70% while improving client retention. Profit Street offers a The PACE (Persistence, Attitude, Change and Excellence) performance system. In conjunction with the metrics from the Payroll Analysis, we develop employees as opposed to training employees.  Our program transforms the individual into a productive and proactive individual. These interactive training modules range from the entry level position to General Managers and Owners.

Community Interaction

Profit Street is a Community of clients, employees and partners all with the common mission to improve business processes and quality of life. We hope all our clients will partake in this collaborate effort and be part of the Community. To foster this communication the Profit Street web site will offer features like; user voting portals, a wide-range of interactive user groups, mastermind sessions, the ability to directly communicate with each other and special events to enhance the Profit Street experience. In addition, the Community portion of the web site will also feature; live and recorded training videos, instructional white papers, support requests and history, employee development video and training tools and an extensive knowledge base/FAQ section.