What We Offer


High Level Managers without the Expense

Profit Street does the work of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer). Imagine getting reports on your financial and business analytics while having your morning coffee. Profit Street will also alert you to any special conditions that would require your immediate attention.

Timely Reporting to Improve Profit Margins and Increase Revenue

Having timely information is critical to making informed business decisions. Profit Street provides you daily information to keep informed on important aspects of your business, without spending hours calculating data, running reports or paying overtime to an accountant.

Improved Employee Performance and Retention

Profit Street’s Employee Enhancement program is designed to take your line staff through a series of training exercises to help them learn about themselves and what they will need to do to enhance their career path. This will translate into improved efficiencies and increased retention.

Better Management

The Employee Enhancement program also includes a training program designed for your managers to help them learn how to become better supervisors and work with people. The direct result will be happier, more motivated employees and improved efficiencies.

More Time and Freedom

The number one challenge listed by Franchise owners is free time. The Profit Street program will save you a significant amount of time each week, allowing you to occasionally catch your breath and spend more quality time with your family.

Low Subscription Price

In the past similar programs were only available through high priced consultants, costing businesses tens of thousands of dollars. Profit Street is available for a small upfront training fee and a very affordable monthly fee.

Easy Access Information Any Time, Anywhere Online

You can access your Profit Street account via the Internet anywhere and at any time. No need to maintain multiple expensive computers at various locations.

No Annual Maintenance Costs or Expensive Upgrades

All upgrades, enhancements and annual support are covered within your monthly fee.

Coaching and Consulting

When you sign up for the Profit Street system, you will receive an initial personalized consultation of your analytics with one of our highly trained analytical staff. Additional Coaching and Consulting is available anytime you need it.

No IT Staff

Since everything is accessible over the web, you won’t need expensive IT help.

Hassle-free Backups

Your data is automatically backed up nightly on the Profit Street Cloud, without the need to keep local backups.

Peace of Mind

It’s like having an experienced team of managers overseeing your business operations and assisting you with a wide variety of crucial business activities and processes.