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By Markus Stickel, Profit Street It’s a new day! 7+ billion people on the planet have been given another 24 hours. Every single human is given this gift every day. Why then, do some people seem to have more? It’s because they know that Time happens and they can’t ‘manage’ it. The biggest misnomer on […]

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Are You Leading Your Franchise Toward Greatness or Mediocrity?

Most owners naturally believe they are great leaders, but do your managers and employees see you the same way?  Do your business efficiencies and financials reflect this?  Sometimes when we move into a role of supervising people we tend to believe we automatically have what it takes to be a good leader.  Often, this is […]

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Are Your Employees Performing at Their Maximum Potential?

    By Scott Stickel / February 2018 What an important question and an even bigger dilemma for many companies.  Working in the franchise industry I am acutely observant of employee behavior whenever I am doing business with any franchise. I observe a broad scope of attitudes demonstrated by employees, ranging from excellent to “Are […]

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Predictive Business Analytics are Saving Franchisees

              By Scott Stickel / January 2018 As a franchise owner you face increased challenges every day ranging from hourly rate increases and rising health insurance costs to low productivity and high turnover.  Just to name a few.  Most of these challenges are directly impacting your bottom line.   […]

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Understanding and Choosing the Right KPIs

By Scott Stickel, Profit Street Why KPIs are Important? Confucius once said “Study the past if you would define the future.”  He could have been referring to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  and how we select and use them.   KPIs can show you when you are performing effectively and also when you are not doing well.  Evaluated correctly, […]

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What Business Lessons Can Be Gained From the Latest Super Bowl

By Scott Stickel, Profit Street If you are a sports fan it was hard not to enjoy Super Bowl LI, unless you were an Atlanta fan.  As we reflect on the game it is interesting how it mirrored business and offers  valuable insight into critical lessons that we all can benefit from.  The obvious lesson […]

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Study Reports Growing Concern About Declining Franchisee Profit Margins

Yesterday, I was talking with a franchise owner about their business and the issue of declining profit margins came up.  As a small business owner, I had to agree that there seems to be so many more factors negatively influencing the bottom line.  Of course, that is one of the reasons Profit Street was created.  […]

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The Sky Isn’t Falling!

By Mark Stickel – Profit Street Many of us may have been surprised and perhaps disappointed by the recent Presidential election results. The reality is we have a system and the results are what they are, whether it is what we wanted or not. That’s what is great about our country.  It is important to make […]

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