By Markus Stickel, Profit Street
It’s a new day! 7+ billion people on the planet have been given another 24 hours. Every single human is given this gift every day. Why then, do some people seem to have more? It’s because they know that Time happens and they can’t ‘manage’ it. The biggest misnomer on the planet is ‘time management’. You can’t manage Time —but you can control your actions inside Time.


There are a gazillion ‘time management’ programs out there and most of them will work. Why then aren’t people more productive? Why do so many people waste this incredible gift? It’s because they don’t stick with it. It’s that simple. Managing your actions inside Time is not complicated. But you need to do it!! You absolutely must stay with YOUR program for 30-45 days for it to become a habit. It doesn’t matter what kind it is or whose it is, but your program should definitely include these
5 components:

  1. Make a List and Write It Down
    If you don’t write it down, you forget. Make your list and break it down according to it’s main functions. For example: Business, Family, Personal, House, Community – and then break down each by month, week, and day. And update your master list regularly. Things change and you must be able to adapt as needed.
    For each section write out. What are the top 10 things to be accomplished this month? What 5 things this week? And what 3 things today
  2. Prioritize it
    Tony Robbins says’ “Most people major in minor things”—and that is why you prioritize. Most people try to stay ‘busy’, but because they don’t Prioritize, there is no Focus, so they get nothing of substance done. They’re efficient but not effective. The only thing that counts is results—not hours worked, not ‘busyness’ but real results. And you can do that by doing what matters most.
  3. Schedule it
    Not much gets done if you constantly ‘wing it’. People who get results plan for them. They’re in control because they know exactly what they’re doing, and when.
  4. Touch it Once
    “I’m re-doing it” is probably the worst time waster of all. Be organized. Clutter is unproductive. When It’s done-put it in its place. Whatever you are doing, do it right– the first time. DON’T RE-DO and absolutely DO NOT multi-task. One of the biggest time wasters ever is this idea of multi-tasking. It’s crap. Work doesn’t get finished and what does get done is pretty much junk.
  5. Plan Your Day the Night Before
    The number one reason people procrastinate – not being prepared. Having a self-control system eliminates not being prepared. By planning your day the night before, you get the added benefit of your subconscious working on it all night. It’s a great feeling to have a problem thrown at you and being able to handle it with ease – because you have already played the scenario out in your sleep. You will amaze yourself, and everyone else, with your ‘quick’ thinking and masterful actions.

The last part of any good self-management system is having some kind of Action Plan. It’s great to schedule it and prepare for it, but it means naught if you don’t ACT. The best way to do it is to APE it. Analyze-5%, Plan-10%, Execute-85%. The most Important part of any plan is to put it into practice.

Markus Stickel is the Managing Partner and Chief Analytics Officer of Profit Street, an online software analytics company specifically designed for franchises. He is a recognized leader within the franchise industry, with over 25 years experience consulting with over 300 companies on business operations and efficiencies. Profit Street has focused on automating informational processing via predictive analytics and prescriptive solutions to help increase franchisee profit margins. He can be reached at To learn more about Profit Street go to: