Industry Analyst Manager


We are an early stage SaaS software company that is looking for an individual that would like to utilize their analytical and/or consulting experience to grow with a company that has a fast track plan for success.   We offer a great work environment, competitive salary, and full benefits.  We are looking for high-energy people that enjoy a challenge and have a dream to make significant, life altering changes to the way small businesses operate.

The individual will be responsible for creating a team responsible for researching, analyzing and solving issues related to franchise/small business key metrics, including financial and industry related.  Individual will also be responsible for the formation of new paradigms, standards and program innovations vital to new product releases.  This position will conduct and oversee the day-to-day analysis with the end client, review findings and work with staff on the final recommendations by utilizing in-depth knowledge of company products and programs. The final step will be to take this information and perform a system design analysis to translate the information for our development team for the inclusion into our software platform. Candidate will work with the Chief Analytical Officer.

Industry Analyst Manager Job Duties:

  • Develops and implements procedures pertinent to the effective and efficient operation of the Analytical/Development Department.

  • Conducts and oversees in-depth analysis of potential client’s business efficiencies and strategies.

  • Provides complex analytical and innovative solutions based on extensive research.

  • Maintains in-depth working knowledge of Company’s product and processes.

  • Sets performance standards to meet analytical and development goals of department.

  • Coaches Analytical/Development Team in order to achieve the highest performance possible.

  • Structures the training agenda for department members.

  • Anticipates emerging industry trends that may impact clients overall strategy.

  • Drives client process improvement and product improvement via research and analysis.

  • Identifies emerging customer needs, and guides others to respond or adapt appropriately.

  • In conjunction with the Sales department assesses Company competitor characteristics and identifies ways to achieve competitive advantage.

  • Participate as part of the Analytical/Development Team in company direction and decisions.

  • Performs and oversees creation of new product analytical system documents for development group.


  • 5+ years of successful management experience.

  • 10+ years of successful consulting experience in the small business industry, preferably franchises or internal position as a Business Efficiency expert.

  • Innovation, imagination, change, intuitive, inquisitive, are not words but a philosophy.

  • Fortitude, assured, decisive, fair, fearless, authoritarian, challenging and describe your qualities.

  • Doesn’t know what 40 hours means, works on success time, not clock time.

  • Diversity of experience—MUST have experience in the following areas; financials, operations, organizational, personnel, production, time management, employee development and strategic planning.

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year College.

  • Excellent and experienced with SWOT and PEST analysis.

  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of how to analyze business problems using Advanced Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), statistical analysis, and financial modeling.

  • Proven ability to handle stressful situations, multiple tasks, and deadline pressures.

  • Demonstrated business acumen, understanding of organizational strategy, and successful experience managing all aspects of cross business unit programs, including communicating with internal and external stakeholders and directing matrix teams and resources.

  • Superior verbal, non-verbal and written client relationship communication skills and ability to be viewed as a trusted advisor.

  • Ability to think strategically, not tactically. Must comprehend clients underlying business needs and wants, and align products or new innovative solutions for client consideration.

  • Extreme problem solving skills with the demonstrated ability to identify research and make decisions based on the day-to-day and complex problems.

  • Outstanding presentation skills required. Experience training or presenting data and information to clients in both formal and informal settings in a professional, clear manner.

  • Can successfully communicate plans to his/her team, and is able to elevate the level of achievement by leveraging collective and individual talents.

  • Ability to promote teamwork within and across groups. Works collaboratively with others to maintain productive working relationships within and across boundaries.

  • High level of integrity and willingness to work collaboratively.

  • Flexible to new situations and challenges.

  • Must be a life-long learner.


javascript, php, developer
Phoenix, AZ