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Profit Street

The first comprehensive, web-based financial and business analytics system. Developed to help franchise owners and small businesses
improve overall business efficiencies.

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Endorsed by TEAM RENNICK
Case Study:
Strategic Plan & Cashflow Analysis

See how other franchises like yours have been able to see significant improvement in their profit margins, revenue and employee retention.

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Complementing Franchisor Companies

Profit Street’s business efficiency processes are designed to complement Franchisor services and will never replace the valuable services you offer your franchisees. Our program provides tools to help increase franchisee profitability and revenues through enhanced metrics, automatic alert codes and easy-to-access information critical to successful business operations.

Franchisors benefit from increased royalties; additional success stories to entice potential new franchisees and more time available for your RD’s and staff to focus on strategic and industry priorities.

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